Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Who is Sedia Systems?
Sedia Systems is a leading global manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium seating. We started our company over 17 years ago on the premise that most fixed seating was quite institutional looking and lacked design appeal. We set out to make a change and now have one of the largest portfolios of innovative and beautifully designed lecture hall and auditoriums around the world.

Is Sedia Systems a US company?  
Yes, Sedia Systems is a US-based company. Our corporate office is located in Chicago, IL. Our primary manufacturing facility is in Asheboro, NC. We also have our Sedia Systems EMEA office in Dublin, Ireland servicing our customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Who is my local contact?
Please refer to our Rep Locator to find your local Sedia Systems representative.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship to any part of the world. With offices in both Europe and the US we can service and support installations worldwide.

How do I buy Sedia Systems products outside of the United States?
For projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa, contact James Rush at jrush@sediasystems.eu. For all other international markets, contact Roy Koch at rkoch@sediasystems.com.

Do you offer CAD drawings/layouts?
Yes, in fact this is a service we provide at no charge to guarantee a high-quality installation. Our drawings will ensure that we optimize your seat counts and achieve the seating capacity and functionality that you desire. This process takes 2-4 days depending on project information provided and the time of year. For older buildings where the CAD drawings may no longer be available or up to date, we offer a laser measuring service called FARO that provides accurate drawings of the space up to 1 mm.

What is your lead-time?
Lead times vary by product and time of year. Standard lead-times for most products are approximately 6-8 weeks from the receipt of an order, field verifications and all signed submittals and documents. JumpSeat® lead-time is 2-4 weeks depending on order size, finish and fabric availability. During our peak season (June-August) lead times may increase by an additional 2-4 weeks. If lead times are critical, please contact your local Sedia Systems representative for more detailed and up-to-date information.

Do you provide installation?
For our lecture hall and auditorium solutions we provide a Sedia Systems Certified Installer to guarantee that our products are installed properly and seamlessly. Our warranty may not apply if products are installed by someone other than a Sedia Systems Certified Installer.

What type of anchor is required for proper installation?
The most common floor types are concrete, wood floorboards and raised surfaces; we supply anchors for every installation application. Assembly instructions for construction requirements are found on the product detail pages of our website.

What is your warranty?
Our Standard Warranty is 10 years structural, 5 years on electrical and moving parts, and 1 year on upholstery. Any custom solutions or parts have a one-year warranty.

How can I get budgetary pricing?
Please reach out to your local Sedia Systems representative for budgetary pricing and be prepared to answer a few key questions so they can expedite your request. The questions that you will be asked include:

  • What kind of seat count are you trying to achieve in the room?
  • Is this a renovation or new construction?
  • Do you have a CAD drawing so we can see the room layout and whether it has a sloped floor, flat floor or risers?
  • When do you want to have the seats installed?
  • Please provide any details about the delivery site such as access to the rooms, freight elevators or any other conditions that may impact how the product is delivered.
  • And finally, the address where the furniture will be shipped.

How can I order a product sample?
Please contact your local Sedia Systems representative or contact us directly at info@sediasystems.eu.

What is the lead-time on product samples? 
Standard product samples are available in 2-3 weeks; project specific product samples are available in approximately 4 weeks, depending on fabric availability. Additional notice is preferred during the peak season (June-August).

How do I order hardcopy literature?
Please contact your local Sedia Systems representative or send an email with your literature requirements, name, company, address and phone to info@sediasystems.eu.

Do you offer non-standard finishes?
Yes, we offer a number of non-standard fabrics and finishes, including COM fabrics, special laminates and custom wood stains. Please contact your local Sedia Systems representative for more information.

Can I visualize my product without ordering a sample?
Our website product configurator is available on select auditorium products. It’s easy to use and will help visualize the product with your project finishes. You can download a PDF, high res image or 3D model with your selected finishes. The configurator is currently available on the G20, J30 and R40 auditorium chairs.

Is there a standard size for writing tablets?
No, unfortunately there is no universal size or weight capacity for tablets. Every company manufactures their tablets to work with their chairs. Some products have certain dimensional limitations forcing the tablet to be smaller; other tablets may be larger and/or test to a higher weight standard due to their application in high use and abusive academic environments. The best thing to do is contact your local Sedia Systems representative and describe the application you are seeking a tablet for and allow them to show you the best options for that application.

Should I refurbish or buy new chairs?
The answer depends on what you have installed and whether you need to remove the entire chair to refurbish the seat and back cushions or whether you can leave the stanchions in the floor and just remove the cushions. If you have to remove the entire chair from the floor, including the stanchions, it’s likely that refurbishing will be significantly MORE expensive than buying new. The reason being, you will pay for chair removal, seat and back removal, refurbishing of cushions, reinstalling the seat and back cushions and finally, reinstalling the chairs. Typically, this will cost between 10-30% MORE than buying new chairs.

How do I get a quote?
Please contact your local Sedia Systems representative for a quote.

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